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Battle of Bosworth Wines


  • The 1485 Wine Club is a club which you join to ensure continuity of supply – wine supply! Join the 1485 club and you will receive your chosen pack twice a year.
  • Your pack will arrive at your door in April/ May and September/ October to the address that you have nominated.
  • Pack types - we have 5 different ones to choose from:

  - LANCASTER, the red dozen
 - YORK, the white dozen
 - TUDOR, the mixed dozen
 - MERCURY, the premium 6 pack
 - STANLEY, choose your own dozen (or more!) 

  • The packs include wines from the Battle of Bosworth and Spring Seed ranges as well as our new Springs Road Kangaroo Island wines.
  • All wines are made by Bozzie here at our McLaren Vale winery. Battle of Bosworth and Spring Seed are 100% organically grown and certified and our Springs Road Kangaroo Island Wines are under organic conversion.
  • Joch will choose the wines for each pack. As members you will get special treatment and some TLC.
  • See the benefits, below. Once you have joined the 1485 club you will receive a membership card with your name and number on it.
Why the 1485 Club? Well, 1485 was the year in which the real Battle of Bosworth was fought. The Battle of Bosworth was the final clash in the English struggle for power called the War of the Roses. The Roses part of the war refers to the heraldic badges associated with the two royal houses who were fighting it out; the White Rose of York and the Red Rose of Lancaster. The Tudor Rose was created by the victor Henry VII as the Tudor dynasty’s badge and was a combination of the White
  • No joining fee or ongoing fees, hurrah!
  • You will receive your chosen wine pack twice a year (in April/ May and September/ October)
  • You will receive 15% off cellar door purchases outside of your designated wine club packs, either from cellar door or online (using the wine club coupon code you will receive with your membership card)
  • At least 10% off cellar door prices.
  • Free delivery Australia wide.
  • We will aim to have your designated wine pack to you within 7 days of having debited your credit card.
  • Special offers, wine one-offs, labelling disasters, failed export orders, termite affected wines (true story) – you get first dibs on all of these.
  • You will be given the heads up before anyone else on special events either in the vineyard or interstate.
  • Take the strain out of wine selection.


Mixed Wine pack - Tudor Club

Mixed dozen twice a year for $260.00 per pack

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Red Wine Pack - Lancaster Club

Red dozen twice a year for $300.00​ per pack

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White Wine Pack - York Club

White dozen twice a year for $220.00 per pack.

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Premium Red Six Pack - Mercury

Premium red six pack twice a year for $220.00 per pack

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Build Your Own Wine Pack - Stanley Club

Have it your own way - choose 12 (or more - as many as you like in fact) bottles from a selection of Battle of Bosworth, Spring Seed and Springs Road Kangaroo Island wines and receive your selected wines twice a year.

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